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Who We Are

Since our inception, Integrated Powertrain Solutions, LLC has been totally focused on building strategic, quality-focused, development solutions for the advanced prototyping and transportation sectors.

Founded in 2004, Integrated Powertrain Solutions, LLC has developed solutions for the Aerospace industries, OEMs, Automotive Engineering firms, defense contractors, and advanced prototyping industries. Working with countless Fortune 500 companies and GSA listed subcontractors, we have provided our sophisticated advanced  workflows and engineering consultation  services utilizing state-of-the-art technologies for a rapidly growing technical sector. We have almost two decades of first-hand experience in developing solutions for your company that dramatically reduces costs, development times, and labor costs associated with systems development.  


Todd Herman 

Founder and CEO, Mr. Herman has 25+ years experience in advanced powertrain development in the transportation sector. 


Mark Gelatt

Materials & Welding Metallurgist. Mr Gelatt has 35+ years of experience with the industry. 


Jordyn Hickey

Director of Sales & Marketing including outside sales and manufacturing. Ms Hickey has 6+ years of experience with the industry. 

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